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Senior Home Monitoring 
The current video database containing twelve types of human actions (drinking, eating meals, eating snacks,getting out of bed, going to bed, sleeping, smoking, walking, playing mahjong, washing face, washing feet and watching TV) performed by 6 seniors in their own rooms. We have collected this dataset of 4 month long (the location is not disclosed here to avoid exposing the identities of the authors). Daily activities in senior homes were recorded by using one SONY DCR-SR68E camera per room. The recording lasts for 10 days foreach senior. The total size of the record data is approximately 1.8TB with 25f/s. Some example images from the recorded video dataset are illustrated below. All samples were downsampled and compressed (Xvid MPEG-4 Codec )to the spatial resolution of 360x288 pixels.

Fig 1.Different actions of seniors
Fig 2.Activity distribution of one day

Fig 3.Activity recognition results on our Senior Activity recognition dataset

                                   Sample sequences for each action:

                                           eating snacks.avi
                                           playing mahjong.avi
                                           washing face.avi
                                           washing feet.avi

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