About PRMI

    Our laboratory is affiliated to the School of Automation at the University of Electronic science and Technology of China. We are an interdisciplinary laboratory, in collaboration with the School of Computer Science and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

    Research areas include Intelligent Robots, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Intelligent Information Processing based on Machine Learning.
    Our goal is to bring together an innovative team, establish a research institute of international significance, and compete globally with teams in the field of robotics and computer vision research
    Our lab is a full time research institution, with 8 teaching and research personnel, around 30 excellent undergraduate, graduate and PhD candidates. All teaching staff have former studying experience overseas at notable institutions.

UESTC Vision, Learning and Pattern Recognition Saturday Seminars

Time Speaker Title
2014-4-26 Bo Pang,Jun Luo Master thesis
2014-4-19 Zheng Hangming,Yongchun Ai Master thesis
2014-4-12 Jianan Su,Yaqi Liu Master thesis
2014-3-29 Nan Zhou A Unified Approach to Salient Object Detection via Low Rank Matrix Recovery
2014-3-22 Yang Zhao Spatio-Temporal Depth Cuboid Similarity Feature for Activity Recognition Using Depth Camera


 China's robotic exoskeleton to be put into production

    CHENGDU, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- A China-developed robotic exoskeleton, which can help disabled people to walk again, will be put into production this year, its developer announced Friday.

 Professor Cheng Hong went to Qingdao to attend the meeting VALSE 2014

    April 19, 2014 Hong Cheng, director of PRMI laboratory,together with the laboratory part of the students andteachers went to Qingdao to attend the meeting VALSE2014.

Professor Wu Xiaofu of Southwest Jiaotong University come to laboratory for academic report 

  April 16, 2014, Professor Wu Xiaofu of Southwest Jiaotong University made an academic report which entitled"Near-duplicate Detection Web Video Search Application" to teachers and students of PRMI Lab, meeting inthe C2-201 classrooms at 15:00. After the report was completed, Professor Wu Xiao also patiently answered some questions of students and answered their doubts.

Hong Cheng, director of PRMI laboratory was awarded the title of "one thousand people plan" the title of Sichuan Province

2013 Chengdu International Disabilities Expo - aids adaptation Chengdu in western China Forum

      December 3rd morning, Professor Cheng Hong was invited to participate rehabilitation centers hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Bayi western China Chengdu Forum aids and adaptation at the forum.

The dream maker---Note School Hundred inductees,School of Automation Engineering Professor Cheng

Turn the mouse eyes to lock automatically locate regional vision clinics, mobile robot using gestures required items to the front of the machine wear exoskeleton experience "Iron Man" style ......